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Residential Demolition

Expert Residential Demolition Services

A residential demolition can be done to remove any residential structure. Some homes are outdated and are no longer desirable, but the land that they are built on is a prime piece of residential real estate. Demolishing the old home on this type of lot clears the way for a newer, nicer home to be built in its place. Older historic homes may contain harmful asbestos, lead, and mercury, and can cause serious health risks. They can also have sections that are weak or have rotted, which could eventually collapse. If only part of the home is affected, demolishing that section can help preserve the rest of the home.

Other structures such as detached garages, workshops, barns, or patios can be demolished as well. If you purchased a home or plot of land that has a structure that you don’t want or that is unstable, unsafe, or unusable, a residential demolition contractor can demolish and haul off the structure.

If your house poses a health, safety, or environmental risk, a residential demolition can prevent costly citations or fatal accidents. Or, if you are interested in remodeling or replacing your home, a residential demolition is your first step. While this may seem daunting, you are just a phone call away from having your residential demolition done professionally, responsibly, and at a great price.

Residential demolition must always be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. A majority of residential demolition is done using small excavators and skid steers with the use of dump trucks or roll off trucks for hauling of debris. All of these machines must be operated by trained professionals to ensure a safe/accident free demolition project.

For your protection and peace of mind Rainstate Earthworks is fully licensed under Lic# RAINSE*820R6 in the state of Washington. We will deliver the highest level of excellency on all our work, and keep cost savings our top priority. We strive to give our clients total satisfaction and unsurpassed customer service on each and every job we take.

Seattle residential demolition contractor will work hard to deliver the quality demolition services required to complete your project. Please call (206) 855-5171 or email us for a project cost estimate.

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Residential Demolition in Seattle, WA

Seattle demolition company demolished two houses in Seattle, WA. This residential demolition will make room for construction of a five story condo building with underground parking.

Demolition in Seattle, WA

Residential demolition of a single family house located on Sunnyside Ave in Seattle, WA. This demolition will make room for construction of a new Single Family Residence (SFR) and a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU).
  • PROJECT TYPE: Residential Demolition
  • LOCATION: Sunnyside Ave., Seattle WA