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Residential & Commercial Land Grading Services
Rainstate Earthworks is a professional precision land grading and leveling contractor that takes what nature provided and makes it better. We specialize in GPS Land Leveling for fields, ponds, ditches, roads, building and house pads. By smoothing or moving the dirt, we can maximize usable space, improve drainage, or create beautiful lakes and ponds.

We offer a diverse range of earthmoving and grading equipment that will transform your project efficiently and with precision. Before every job begins, we thoroughly evaluate the site, soils, and engineering to ensure the site is designed to be built in the most cost-efficient manner. Our services range from initial site design and soil investigation to final grading and soil stabilization.

And no matter how big or small the project, we’ll use the latest construction techniques to ensure a high level of efficiency with low environmental impacts. With our extensive fleet of equipment and skilled crews, we can quickly transform large tracts of open land into subdivisions, complete with curb, gutter and sidewalks, underground utilities, paved streets and graded lots that are ready for new homes.

  • SITE PREPARATION – Includes everything you need to do to get the lot ready to build on. That includes clearing of trees, rocks, underbrush, anything that may be in the way of your foundation. Ditches or depressions may need to be filled, or high spots leveled. We are able to assist with any type of dirt-related work, including import or export, as well as creating shops and large garages. We also offer services to help with pioneering roads, land clearing and debris haul off.
  • ROUGH GRADING – Is the cutting and filling of a site to prepare for a construction or landscaping project. At this stage of land grading, the ground is leveled out, spaces are backfilled, and the site is set up for proper drainage before the final grading occurs.
  • RESIDENTIAL GRADING – Rainstate Earthworks can help with all your residential needs; from small lots to large subdivisions, we have the equipment and manpower to get the job done on time and on budget. Our professional estimators can help you with your development needs and assist in site quantification and balance. Whether the project is large or small, hillside or valley, sand or rock, we can get it done. We have completed projects for single home builders and national builders as well.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADING – When doing a commercial project it is important to work with the engineers and the project manager to make sure that everything is exactly the way it is designed on the plans. We make sure to follow all procedures and perform our grading services according to the established codes and guidelines required.
    When it comes to new buildings, roads, or parking lots, your asphalt is only as strong as what lies below it. No matter what your plans call for, we can help ensure that your base is strong and durable to avoid future problems such as premature cracking or potholing. From precision site grading to pad preparation, you can count on us to give your project the right finish with a solid foundation.
Seattle Site Grading Contractor - Rainstate Earthworks
Seattle Site Grading Contractor - Rainstate Earthworks
Seattle Site Grading Contractor - Rainstate Earthworks

Residential Site Grading in Seattle, WA

Residential site grading for a pervious driveway located at 40th Ave SW, Seattle, WA.