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Residential & Commercial Demolition Services
When you need an existing building or structure removed, look no further than Rainstate Earthworks. We specialize in structure removal, site clearing, and other demolition-related needs for commercial and residential property.

We prioritize safety. Demolition sites can be hazardous areas for both employees and residents in the surrounding area. That’s why we take special precautions to ensure maximum safety. By adhering to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, we ensure employees and the community members know what to expect at the beginning of each workday. With proper planning and meticulous focus, we deliver timely project completion within a safe demolition site.

  • RESIDENTIAL DEMOLITION – Rainstate Earthworks is the leading innovator in residential demolition, providing professional residential demolition services for all types of residential properties: single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. Having worked with individual homeowners, general contractors, and developers, Rainstate Earthworks has become a well-respected company with extensive knowledge and insights particular to that of residential units.
  • COMMERCIAL DEMOLITION – No job is too big for Rainstate Earthworks. Our state of the art equipment and experienced team can quickly, safely, and effectively demolish any commercial or industrial building. Whether it’s a full-blown building implosion or a partial demolition, you can trust our team to deliver.
  • SITE CLEARING – We can coordinate and handle site clearing services for any project, including the removal and disposal of hazardous materials. We can remove and clear: fire debris, concrete foundations, sidewalks, swimming pools, entire structures, contaminated soil (lead, petroleum, hard metals, etc.) debris piles, comingled materials and more.
  • DECONSTRUCTION – Deconstruction is the process of carefully dismantling a building to salvage its components for reuse and recycling. It requires more of a surgical approach whereas traditional demolition is highly mechanized, capital intensive, and waste-generating; deconstruction is labor intensive, low-tech, and environmentally sound. Deconstruction transforms a quick-and-dirty chore into an undertaking that supports community development with environmental, economic, and social benefits.
Seattle Demolition Contractor
Seattle Demolition Contractor
House Demolition at 537 S Sullivan St, Seattle, WA 98108

Seattle Demolition

Residential demolition of an old house located at 537 S Sullivan St, Seattle, WA 98108. This demo will make room for construction of two buildings with four townhomes in each building. Each townhome will be 1,000 square feet.

  • PROJECT TYPE: Residential Demolition
  • LOCATION: 537 S Sullivan St, Seattle, WA 98108

Demolition in Seattle, WA

Residential demolition of a single family house located on Sunnyside Ave in Seattle, WA. This demolition will make room for construction of a new Single Family Residence (SFR) and a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU).
  • PROJECT TYPE: Residential Demolition
  • LOCATION: Sunnyside Ave., Seattle WA

Residential Demolition in Seattle, WA

Residential demolition of a single family house located at 7422 East Green Lake Drive N Seattle, WA 98115. This demolition will make room for construction of a modern ten unit apartment. Each unit will be 550 square feet.

Seattle Residential Demolition

Demolition of a house to make room for new construction of seven residential units.