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Water Main Contractor

Water Main Offset & Extension Installation Contractor Services

Water Main Extensions are installed when a site does not currently have service from the public water mains. From the point when there is enough service, the water main is expanded. Depending on the details of the task, this type of installation requires many different types of capabilities.

Water main offsets are primarily built to make it possible to install gravity lines (sanitary and storm sewer) that would otherwise be incompatible. Mickie Service has a lot of expertise installing water mains in these extremely specialized areas.

Our services for installing water main extensions and offsets include:

  • Permitting Service
  • Coordination with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to shut-off the water main to allow installation
  • Integrating other water main solutions – like Line Stopping or Insertion Valve to complement the water shut-down capabilities of the applicable authority having jurisdiction
  • Turnkey Installation including all excavation backfill Service Line installation
  • Management of Chlorination, Testing and Inspection

Rainstate Earthworks is an industry leader in underground utility construction and maintenance. We work directly with clients and builders on all types of commercial and residential properties. Contact us for project consultsation today.

Seattle Water Main Extension Contactor

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